Our Story


sepia Sulfaro Furniture is a long-established (since 1963) family-owned Australian company that has built a reputation for handcrafting fine furniture for discerning customers and has established itself as one of Australia’s most esteemed furniture makers. Sulfaro is a fine brand with heritage, excellent products, and a loyal and appreciative customer base that reaches nationally and abroad.

The sheer craftsmanship that goes into every piece of Sulfaro furniture is, of course, what we call our signature and what makes us so different.

Each piece of Sulfaro Furniture contains a strong element that reflects craftsmanship and our Italian influences, but balances this with more contemporary elements such as modern fabrics, colour and choices. The result is that our designs are a perfect blend of the old and the new.


Sulfaro Furniture is especially made to order and individually hand crafted to suit each of our customer’s own taste and lifestyle, carefully complimenting interior design and interior features of every room and home. It’s made to match their objects, moods and mindsets, their likes and loves. We consider each piece of Sulfaro Furniture is an expression and an extension of the individual. Of course. It’s made for you.

nunzio Mr Sulfaro